5:48 pm
July 2018


One short week off and we're back racing with a double-header! First up: the German GP

Pierre Gasly (Car 10):

"It was really nice to have a rest. I went back to my hometown in Rouen, and got to watch the World Cup Final with all of my friends while having a BBQ. I watched the game intensely, I was so stressed! It was almost as if I was playing or even about to start an F1 race! I'm super happy that we've put the second star on our jersey! We went into town after to celebrate with all of the French fans, and seeing everyone singing in the streets just enjoying the moment was fantastic. It's the first time in my life I've seen so many people in my city, it's like the population doubled! To be able to enjoy a weekend off with my friends and family after three weeks away was great, it gave me time to recharge before we go again for two more races in a row.

"Now we head to Germany. I had my first Renault 2-litre race at Hockenheim, where I qualified second on the front row alongside Stoffel Vandoorne. The last time I was there was in GP2 in 2016; I was having a good race but my fire extinguisher went off going down the straight and the cockpit filled with smoke so I was disqualified on safety grounds. It had been a really good race up until then.

"The Hockenheim track has plenty of character with a lot of history behind it. The stadium section is the part I like best, it is very technical with not much in the way of straights and it's the most fun to drive. I'd like to go and see the old part, as I gather it was really impressive with the very long straights and the chicane before it turned back towards the pits."