19 October 2021

Pierre Gasly as the first Formula 1™ driver to drop NFTs

Fantom and Pierre Gasly present Pierre Gasly as the first Formula 1 ™ driver to drop NFTs. 

Pierre is the first Formula 1 driver to release NFTs. Each NFT will be redeemable for physical counterparts such as the signed helmet worn at Baku, numbered and signed merchandise made for his new venture into NFTs, VIP experience with Pierre and much more. 

Three unique (1/1) NFTs will be auctioned from 2pm UTC on Wednesday 20th October, one for each time Pierre has stepped onto the podium. Alongside an additional fourth NFTs, composed of 350 pieces (1/350), to go on sale at a set price at 3pm UTC on Friday 22nd October. Available for direct purchase and redeemable for physical merchandise as well. 

All four NFTs will be available on the new marketplace Artion , with bids (and direct purchase) available to place and purchase in wFTM, as well as Fantom-based ZOO and TOMB for the fourth NFT set. Fantom's low-energy consumption, eco-friendly platform uses Proof of Stake consensus to enable quick, clean, and low cost transactions.


Working with Fantom foundation and their new NFT marketplace Artion, these NFTs live on the blockchain, making every transaction and owner automatically traceable, ensuring its authenticity. *


Full details of NFTs are as follows:

NFT: 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix podium, 1/1

The auction winner will win an NFT redeemable for the helmet Pierre wore for the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and a meet and greet with Pierre over the next 12 months.


NFT: 2020 Italian Grand Prix win, 1/1

The auction winner will receive an NFT redeemable for a VIP experience for 2 persons during a race weekend, a meet and greet with Pierre over the next 12 months, and signed 2021 mini-helmet, and merchandise. 


NFT: 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix podium, 1/1

The auction winner will receive an NFT redeemable for the signed promotional helmet from the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix weekend and a meet and greet with Pierre over the next 12 months.

NFT: Pierre Gasly, 'In the making', 1/350

In this direct sale, 350 buyers will receive an NFT redeemable for a signed cap and a numbered t-shirt from the limited edition commemorating Pierre's first NFT drop. Ten of the 350 NFTs will qualify to receive a signed mini-helmet in addition to the cap and t-shirt. 


These pieces for auction will close at 2 pm UTC on Saturday, October 23. 

The direct sale pieces will run whilst stock lasts.

Head over to the website to take a first look at the NFTs.

It should be noted that all NFTs will be burned after redeemining for their physical counterparts.

In addition to his successes on the race track, Gasly is a supporter of blockchain technologies who has worn the Fantom logo on his helmet this year. Fantom is extremely proud to partner with him.


Commenting on this first drop Pierre Gasly commented:

“As some people know, I am a crypto enthusiast and NFTs are a topic that has excited me for many months. 

We've been planning this NFT drop together with Fantom for quite some time now, but as often with innovative projects, our initial excitement hides the level of complexity behind it. 

I am really proud we've managed to crack all challenges and start something completely new and different in terms of fan engagement. We're really curious to see fans' reaction to this first drop as we already have many more ideas brewing. "

Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom added: 

“I cannot think of a better first special event on Artion than this auction of Pierre Gasly NFTs. Pierre's ambition, resilience, and commitment to excellence mirror the culture we cultivate at Fantom and we are honored to collaborate with him. 

His enthusiasm for this drop shows just how forward-thinking he is about decentralized technologies, and it's thrilling to work together to introduce NFTs and blockchain to F1 fans across the world. ” 


* Non-fungible tokens, better known as it's abbreviation, NFTs, are unique digital tokens that can take the forms of any digital art piece. They live on the blockchain and are often exchanged for a variety of cryptocurrencies. To learn more about NFTs and how to engage in Pierre's latest project, head over Fantom's step by step guide on NFTs. 

We will also be posting a follow up news piece of a simple FAQ regarding NFTs and Fantom. Which will also be available on the webpage of Pierre's NFT drop. 

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