25 November 2021

Pierre's Interview with The Guardian: ‘We are not lions in a cage for people going to the zoo’

Pierre spoke out about mental health, being dropped by Red Bull and how the death of his friend Anthoine Hubert changed him earlier this year. 

Pierre reminded people how atheltes are more than what you see on social media and sports broadcasts on your screens. As it is easy to forget that sometimes, as public their career and lives are in the modern age of the internet, there is still 99% you don't see beyond those screens. 

Extracted from The Guardian Article

“I am someone that is never going to give up on my target - winning the world championship - but sometimes it is important to understand we are not lions in a cage for people going to the zoo,” he says. “There is us as athletes and the person behind it. 

“People struggle to understand that we also feel emotions, we also have our ups and downs. It doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, we saw it with Naomi [Osaka] in the tennis with the mental health issues. People outside see you as a driver and assume that is the only thing that goes through your head but you have a personal life, feelings and emotions.”

Link to the article for a full read. 

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