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Accidentally drunk 10L of sea water, need surf tips
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Exotic pit stop in the jungle🦎
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Miami dumppp
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Onwards & upwards. Stars don’t align yet, but we will fight back in Barcelona more eager than ever. Thanks Miami for a very special week.
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MIAMI GP BABY 🧬 Best quali of the season. Time to go racing!!
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Unforgettable dinner! @jumpman23 👑
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Miami helmet reveal, but make it NFT 😉 I’m excited to share with you all my new series of NFTs celebrating my different helmet designs, which will grow over time as I race with more and more designs. There’s no reserve price on any NFT and they can be exchanged for real life collectibles and some even for VIP hospitality in Monaco ’23. Just like last time we’ll be using Fantom for this as it’s a very fast and efficient blockchain - using 52 times less energy than a credit card transaction. For more info check gasly.infinitynft.net, and head to my stories. 🚀 Link in bio too.
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Como never disappoints.🤌🏼☕️🇮🇹
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Work continues!! Shoutout to the one & only beast @pyry.salmela, best in the industry even I do hate you at times.😂 its only the beginning of a long journey ahead of us!
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Imola dumppp
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JOY +++ / can’t get enough of this Great dayyy of testing - 120 laps. Time to reset, and send it in Miami next.
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Chin up, unfortunate weekend. Disappointed with the end result especially here in Italy for our home race. Focus on Miami now to come back strong. Congrats to @yukitsunoda0511 & the guys for the points today. 💪🏼
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